PW 1

Product #1 - Duel Propulsive Airfoil (DPA) This futuristic sleek design of the Duel Propulsive Airfoil is ideal for heavy lifting and long flight applications.  The flying wing configuration provides greater cargo space and better aerodynamics for longer flight times. Ideal for transporting packages, instruments and battery packs.

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Product #2 - Propulsive Wing (PW)

ivermectin in heartworm positive dogs Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz The Propulsive Wing is a highly maneuverable drone with efficient aerodynamics.  It has the unique ability to fly efficiently at slow speeds without stalling. It is ideal for carrying out solo missions then reattaching to DPA in-flight battery packs.

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PWY6 Iris Partial

Product #3 - PW Y6-Axial (PWY) The Propulsive Wing Y6 Axial combines highly maneuverability with Y6 hovering capabilities.  It can take-off and land vertically and is ideal for carrying out complex solo missions involving hovering sequences.  During flight mode, the PWY is much more efficient and can then reattaching to DPA in-flight battery packs.

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